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Choose Love: Amplify Happiness

Choose Love: Amplify Happiness // Adventure In Lipstick

I recently purchased a few cuts of fabric for various projects online, and wanted to share my excitement with someone I’m close with. I had splurged on fancier fabric than I would find at my local Joann’s (not shade at Joann’s though, I love you) and couldn’t wait to show off the fabric plus my ideas for what I would make with them. One piece I bought? A beautiful white thermal knit to make lounging leggings with, perfect for the cold months we’re in right now. When I told this person the different fabrics I had purchased, along with the project I had in mind for them they shut down my idea for the thermal knit quite quickly.

“Are you going to make another sweatshirt with that?” they asked after I had just said I purchased it to make leggings with. “No, I’m planning on making leggings with this.”

“I just don’t think most people should wear white on the bottom,” they replied.

Maybe it’s because a lot of my body image issues stem from casual throwaways from this person, but this instantly cut at me. Because I am clearly one of the people they think shouldn’t wear white on the bottom. This one simple line squashed any excitement I had over my fabric, my ideas for what I would make and my day dreams of snuggling up in my cozy leggings with a warm (self-made) sweatshirt to read and cuddle with Mag. Instead of amplifying my happiness they chose to squash it instead.

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Weekly Roundup 3

Weekly Roundup 3 // Adventure In Lipstick

Well hello! Who else has been slammed by the winter weather we’ve been getting? I shoveled the driveway THREE times in two days; it was… not fun. But it also gave me an excuse for not getting out of the house to go to the gym.. whoops! I also just bought this beautiful sweatshirt fleece to make a sweatshirt from Seamwork (see below) and I’m so hyped to receive it and get to sewing!

Unfortunately both the lipstick and tumbler are sold out and I’m frankly too lazy to find dupes for the lipstick color. BUT does have a bunch of cute alternatives and I’ve created a handy lil widget so you can shop them below!*

Anyway, onto the list of my loves for the week!

Three women find their perfect reds.

Me, loving lipstick? Whatever gave you that idea?! I firmly believe everyone should know their perfect red, and I try to spread the love as much as I can. Read More

Lessons I Learned From Kesha

Lessons Learned From Kesha // Adventure In Lipstick

I would say sorry about the photo quality but I’m still too happy that I got to see her live to care.

I love Kesha. I have since 2009 and I first heard “Tik Tok” at a college party and drunkenly thought “SHE GETS IT!!!!” I’ve loved her since “We R Who We R” was released and my friends and I all sang along to it while eating Juanita’s tortilla chips for the first time. I loved her while laughing along to “Gold Trans Am” and learning a dance to “C’Mon” for my sorority. During her five year absence I spent the time defending her to music snobs, wishing for more music and preaching the word of Kesha whenever I could. My friends and I would complain about a lack of new music and were horrified and angry when we found out the reason why she hadn’t released new music in so long.

I’m not going to go too much into the Dr. Luke situation, but I will say I think it’s a travesty that he still has an imprint on Sony. He shouldn’t have a career anymore. End of.

In October I was lucky enough to not only get to visit with said friend for a lovely weekend, but also see Kesha for the second time with her as well! We cried far too much, felt the love, joy and resilience in the room. We danced to Boogie Feet and barely held it together for Praying. Through it all Kesha continually spoke out about her love of us, her fans, her desire for us to all feel safe and welcome at her concert and to essentially fuck the haters.

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Winter Fitness Plan

Winter Fitness Plan // Adventure In Lipstick

Last week I shared why I’m focusing on my health and getting in shape. This week I’m going to share how I’m going about this.

I get overwhelmed easily. Truly, if I could magically curl up into myself when I get overwhelmed I’d be in a ball 20/6. Every time I’ve previously gotten into a health kick I’ve quickly been dissuaded by just how. much. I need to change and improve. My eating habits? Horrible. My workout routine? Merely a fantasy in my “healthiest Chelsea possible!” dreams. My fruit and veggie consumption? I… don’t want to talk about it.

Basically everything related to my health needs an overhaul.

Now, if it wasn’t clear from above in the past I’d look at all the improvements I need to make and try to do them all at once. Which multiple websites, bloggers, experts and humans in general will tell you is a bad idea. Because it is. Four days in: cue the overwhelm, curling into a ball in…

This time around I’m focusing on one aspect of my health per month and building on what I’ve already established. And to further break it down I’m going to focus in on season-by-season goals to make sure I’m not piling on too much at once. So this winter I’m focusing on creating a solid groundwork for the rest of the year, including establishing a workout routine, cutting out sugar and making my own meals.

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Weekly Roundup 2

Weekly Roundup // Adventure In LipstickHappy second week of the New Year! Have you had a good one? I’m pretending that the warmer weather means spring is almost here which means farm fresh fruits and veggies are right around the corner… I know I’m setting myself up for disappointment, but let me live my fantasy life please.

Here are some things I’ve loved this week:

The Hate U Give. This book. Holy shit. I think it should be required reading for everyone. Even if you’re no longer in school. Read this book. Now. Then we can cry about it together. Honestly, if you haven’t read it yet go buy it or put a hold on it at your local library (guaranteed there is at least ONE hold on it already). I’ll wait for you to read it then we can talk about it, I promise.

This figure skating routine. SHE’S ONLY 16!!!! What?! And she sang the version of Whitney’s song that she’s skating to. Like??? Wow. The only similarities 16 year old Chelsea has with her is that we both had braces. She’s incredible and I can’t wait to see what comes next for her. Also, I definitely teared up (okay okay I cried) watching this routine.

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Healthy For The New Year

Healthy For The New Year // Adventure In Lipstick

One of my longest goals has been to feel happy and healthy in my body and life. For far too long I’ve been at war with myself over how I look, how I feel in my body and what space my body takes up in the world. Basically, I was focusing on all the ways my body was wrong rather than all the ways my body helps me.

Rather than love my body for what it can do, I decided to hate my body for what it looked like.

This led to me intentionally and unintentionally hurting myself. Whether it was through purposefully bad food choices (a dozen cupcakes in three days. Yep.) to refusing to exercise, even when my body craved it. I resented my body and punished it accordingly. But now I’m finally getting to a place of love and appreciation for myself and want to reflect that change by taking a turn for the healthy.

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Weekly Roundup 1

Link Roundup 1 // Adventure In Lipstick

Whew buddy, who else is not a fan of this cold? My dog, diva that she is, is luckily doing pretty well with the snow and actually loves getting to run around in it. Me? Not so much. But the things we do for love, right? Right.

Aside from the gross weather there’s been a lot going on! From the new year starting, to figuring my shit out (more on that later!) to making more concrete strides to be healthy and happy this year I’ve been busy reading various articles that are all in that vein. I’m going to be rounding up my favorites weekly, and I’d love to know what you’ve been reading, watching and listening to every week as well!

Madewell Sale!! All sale items are 40% off until Monday (!!!) and I am here for it. I tend to keep my wishlist chock full of items and periodically go through to weed out things that are no longer available.. so I have about 15 items that are finally on sale and I’m having trouble not pulling the trigger on it.. whoops. See some of my picks below! Note: some of the prices are the regular price, but if you click through they should show the sale price.

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Oh, Hello 2018

Choose Love // Adventure In LipstickWho else is glad to say buh-bye to the garbage fire year that was 2017? Everyone? Cool. Not that 2017 didn’t have its highlights, such as seeing two friends get married and seeing Kesha again (!!!), but still. Sometimes it’s best to close the chapter and call it done.

If you go just three posts back you’ll see my mantra for last year, Treat Myself With Kindness. Sometimes I was great at it, sometimes it turned into too much “treat myself” (Donna and Tom would be proud) and sometimes I forgot it altogether. Whoops. So this year I’m going to try to be more mindful of that while also working on my new mantra for this year which is (drumroll please)…

Choose love.

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Be Very Tender – My Journey To Open Up

"It is in your self-interest to find a way to be very tender" - Jenny Holzer

Image Credit: Jenny Holzer

I’ve always admired people who are tender and vulnerable with others. It’s been something I’ve been intrigued with and wanted to learn myself. I’ve always been a little standoffish, preferring my imagination and books to opening up to friends. This never struck me as a particularly bad thing until a recent conversation with a friend where I casually mentioned my dad passing and they hadn’t realized it had happened… three years ago. This was someone I’ve been in consistent contact with! Who even knew my dad! Yet I kept this important part of my life so tightly locked away that they didn’t find out until I made a joke about it.

That’s when I realized maybe I should try harder to be tender and vulnerable with others, not just myself.

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2017 Motto – Reexamined


How I'm Continuing To Treat Myself With Respect and Kindness // Adventure In Lipstick

SO. If you’ve been following this space then WHEW I am sincerely sorry for the lack of posts. In fact, you might notice that all but one is now gone… Mostly because coming back here with all my half-started ideas, series that I gave up on and so many drafted posts I couldn’t even count them was overwhelming and made me want to quit this all together.

The solution?

Treat myself with respect and kindness.

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