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Winter Fitness Plan

Winter Fitness Plan // Adventure In Lipstick

Last week I shared why I’m focusing on my health and getting in shape. This week I’m going to share how I’m going about this.

I get overwhelmed easily. Truly, if I could magically curl up into myself when I get overwhelmed I’d be in a ball 20/6. Every time I’ve previously gotten into a health kick I’ve quickly been dissuaded by just how. much. I need to change and improve. My eating habits? Horrible. My workout routine? Merely a fantasy in my “healthiest Chelsea possible!” dreams. My fruit and veggie consumption? I… don’t want to talk about it.

Basically everything related to my health needs an overhaul.

Now, if it wasn’t clear from above in the past I’d look at all the improvements I need to make and try to do them all at once. Which multiple websites, bloggers, experts and humans in general will tell you is a bad idea. Because it is. Four days in: cue the overwhelm, curling into a ball in…

This time around I’m focusing on one aspect of my health per month and building on what I’ve already established. And to further break it down I’m going to focus in on season-by-season goals to make sure I’m not piling on too much at once. So this winter I’m focusing on creating a solid groundwork for the rest of the year, including establishing a workout routine, cutting out sugar and making my own meals.

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Healthy For The New Year

Healthy For The New Year // Adventure In Lipstick

One of my longest goals has been to feel happy and healthy in my body and life. For far too long I’ve been at war with myself over how I look, how I feel in my body and what space my body takes up in the world. Basically, I was focusing on all the ways my body was wrong rather than all the ways my body helps me.

Rather than love my body for what it can do, I decided to hate my body for what it looked like.

This led to me intentionally and unintentionally hurting myself. Whether it was through purposefully bad food choices (a dozen cupcakes in three days. Yep.) to refusing to exercise, even when my body craved it. I resented my body and punished it accordingly. But now I’m finally getting to a place of love and appreciation for myself and want to reflect that change by taking a turn for the healthy.

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