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Oh, Hello 2018

Choose Love // Adventure In LipstickWho else is glad to say buh-bye to the garbage fire year that was 2017? Everyone? Cool. Not that 2017 didn’t have its highlights, such as seeing two friends get married and seeing Kesha again (!!!), but still. Sometimes it’s best to close the chapter and call it done.

If you go just three posts back you’ll see my mantra for last year, Treat Myself With Kindness. Sometimes I was great at it, sometimes it turned into too much “treat myself” (Donna and Tom would be proud) and sometimes I forgot it altogether. Whoops. So this year I’m going to try to be more mindful of that while also working on my new mantra for this year which is (drumroll please)…

Choose love.

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Be Very Tender – My Journey To Open Up

"It is in your self-interest to find a way to be very tender" - Jenny Holzer

Image Credit: Jenny Holzer

I’ve always admired people who are tender and vulnerable with others. It’s been something I’ve been intrigued with and wanted to learn myself. I’ve always been a little standoffish, preferring my imagination and books to opening up to friends. This never struck me as a particularly bad thing until a recent conversation with a friend where I casually mentioned my dad passing and they hadn’t realized it had happened… three years ago. This was someone I’ve been in consistent contact with! Who even knew my dad! Yet I kept this important part of my life so tightly locked away that they didn’t find out until I made a joke about it.

That’s when I realized maybe I should try harder to be tender and vulnerable with others, not just myself.

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2017 Motto – Reexamined


How I'm Continuing To Treat Myself With Respect and Kindness // Adventure In Lipstick

SO. If you’ve been following this space then WHEW I am sincerely sorry for the lack of posts. In fact, you might notice that all but one is now gone… Mostly because coming back here with all my half-started ideas, series that I gave up on and so many drafted posts I couldn’t even count them was overwhelming and made me want to quit this all together.

The solution?

Treat myself with respect and kindness.

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New Year, New Motto

New Year, New Motto

Well hello there! It’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it? I sincerely apologize for my absence. I had a whole host of things going on for the past 4 months that took up my time and attention, including having my thyroid removed (whew!) but I promise I am going to make more and better attempts at maintaining this space. Life happens, and sometimes that means stepping away from things you love or want to invest your time in and that’s okay. This year though? I’m actually going to put in a solid effort, I promise!

Now, confession time: I LOVE making new years resolutions. I also break said resolutions within a month of making them. WHOOPS. Has that stopped me from making new ones this year? No, definitely not. But in addition to the list of things I want to change or try, I’m also incorporating a motto for my year. This year’s motto is one that I’ve fallen in love with because it’s simple but super effective: “Treat myself with respect and kindness.” Everything I do I want it to be done with the intent of respecting myself and treating myself with kindness, from how I move my body to how I think about my situation in life. I want to break my habit of automatically beating myself up and ignoring what my body wants and replace it with kindness, love and respect for myself.

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