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Monthly playlists, musician highlights and quick song shoutouts

April Playlist

April Playlist // Adventure In Lipstick

Not going to lie, I absolutely loved March’s playlist and I didn’t know how I could move on from it. Then I heard Janelle Monáe’s new song and became obsessed. And that was that. Much like the month itself, my playlist for April is a mixed bag. From the upbeat “Make Me Feel” to the more chill “Oom Sha La La” to the space-country “High Horse” we’ve got it all. Insert Stefon gif here.

I could wax rhapsodic about all the songs and artists I’ve included because they’re honestly  all just so good. But I’ll let you be the judge of that. One thing I will say: listen to “Make Me Feel” followed by “Pressure” and get ready to melt.

Oh, also, don’t forget about my entire year’s playlist! April’s already on it and ready to go, so you’re really just getting more bang for your (free) buck. And let me know who you think I should listen to next in the comments!

Lessons I Learned From Kesha

Lessons Learned From Kesha // Adventure In Lipstick

I would say sorry about the photo quality but I’m still too happy that I got to see her live to care.

I love Kesha. I have since 2009 and I first heard “Tik Tok” at a college party and drunkenly thought “SHE GETS IT!!!!” I’ve loved her since “We R Who We R” was released and my friends and I all sang along to it while eating Juanita’s tortilla chips for the first time. I loved her while laughing along to “Gold Trans Am” and learning a dance to “C’Mon” for my sorority. During her five year absence I spent the time defending her to music snobs, wishing for more music and preaching the word of Kesha whenever I could. My friends and I would complain about a lack of new music and were horrified and angry when we found out the reason why she hadn’t released new music in so long.

I’m not going to go too much into the Dr. Luke situation, but I will say I think it’s a travesty that he still has an imprint on Sony. He shouldn’t have a career anymore. End of.

In October I was lucky enough to not only get to visit with said friend for a lovely weekend, but also see Kesha for the second time with her as well! We cried far too much, felt the love, joy and resilience in the room. We danced to Boogie Feet and barely held it together for Praying. Through it all Kesha continually spoke out about her love of us, her fans, her desire for us to all feel safe and welcome at her concert and to essentially fuck the haters.

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January Mood and Music

January Mood Board // Adventure In Lipstick

So, stick with me on this. Mood boards. Music. Two great things. And two things I’m going to post about monthly. Music sets the mood of the month for me, and it always helps me to have a focus when making my playlists. I also love mood boards, so I’m going to try my hand at making them.

Please forgive me if every month features disco balls; that’s just what my soul looks like.

The mood for this month? Staying cozy, making my own clothes (thanks to Seamwork patterns, more about them on Thursday) and deep colors. I love winter because it means I can wear sweaters, thick, wooly sweaters (I’m literally wearing the pink one pictured right now… whoops). With leggings and big wooly socks.

And that’s… the only good thing about winter.

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