You Don’t Grow In Every Season

You Don't Grow In Every Season // Adventure In Lipstick

I’ve been catching up on old episodes of The Lively Show (which I love) and have been getting so much out of them. From little nuggets of wisdom to tips on how to refocus and realign myself when things are hard, this show is incredible. I was recently listening to Episode 223 with Erin Loechner, in which Erin drops this gem of wisdom:

“You don’t grow in every season.”

She went on to say that in some seasons you’re planting, or tilling the garden, or waiting for things to grow, but growing doesn’t happen all the time. And that hit me in a major way. I’ve felt so down on myself because I’m currently not growing, nor do I feel close to growing. But instead of beating myself up about it I’m going to work on retraining myself on how to look at where I am. It’s not my season to grow, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do the groundwork so when I do grow it’s magnificent.

Right now I reckon I’m not even close to tilling the ground, or planting, watering, etc. I’m more… getting into the garden shop to look for what to plant. I’ve finally narrowed down my choices and have figured out what I want it to look like and I’m walking to the counter to make that purchase.

But for so long I was stuck in the car, asking myself what kind of plant I wanted to nurture.

I second guessed myself at every opportunity, listened to others’ voices over my own and gave them more consideration than I ever should have. In big ways, like what I actually want to have a career in, and smaller, like why I shouldn’t have used the money I’d been saving for two years for a trip to Europe on said trip. Spoiler alert: I let that other voice be louder than my own and didn’t take the trip at the time.

Thanks to so many resources and taking the time to connect with myself, I’m finally starting to feel more comfortable turning to my intuition and trusting it more than the opinions of others. And this has been the biggest change for me. Trusting myself is the reason I got out of the car, walked into the shop and started meandering down the aisles.

Trusting myself is just the beginning of my growth.

Don’t feel bad if you’re not in your season of growing either; we’ll get there. But first we might need to till some land and get our hands dirty.