February Favorites

February Faves // Adventure In Lipstick

Hello! This month seemed to flash on by, and I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a shorter month or because January took forever to trudge on by. Either way I’m excited to start getting warmer days more frequently; I’m a spring and fall gal at heart so the more time spent in those seasons the better. Who else is ready for skies out thighs out weather?! Everyone? COOL.

Until that time though I thought I’d share some of my favorites from this month. Bye bye birth month, hello end of winter!

Favorite Book

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. HOLY. GUACAMOLE. This book. Incredible. I’m reduced. To two. Word sentences. But honestly, I loved Everything I Never Told You by Ng and was so excited (and nervous) about this book. It lived up to her former book and surpassed it (in my humble opinion). So many twists and turns and moments that made me literally gasp out loud. Read it. Read it as soon as you can. Honestly.

Favorite Album

Ok, this isn’t a new release, but I’ve been listened to Kesha’s Rainbow nonstop. It’s a perfect mix of dance-y, upbeat songs, songs that lift a weight off my shoulders, and songs that shatter my heart. It’s also the perfect album for packing to, because as soon as “Praying” comes on I take a break to cry, wipe my tears and take a few deep breaths during “Learn To Let Go” then I’m ready to dive back in. 10/10 would recommend doing a similar thing, or just lying on your back staring at the ceiling (or sky!!! WARMER WEATHER!!!) while listening to this triumph.

Also, this post is ME to a t. Throwback to me drunkenly trying to kick some guy out of the house party my friend and I were throwing back in 2013 when he dared talk smack about Kesha.

Kesha Love

Memory I Made

Chant it with me: Cousins’ weekend! NO RULES! You weren’t there and don’t know the chant? Sorry bout it. But honestly, I love my family so much and getting to see them at a time when we normally don’t get to be with each other? Incredible. Watching the Olympics for two days straight and pretending like I knew what was going on? So much fun. Watching everyone go sledding and seeing Mag go bonkers with excitement and energy at all the new stuff? Hilarious. Doing all of this with my family? PRICELESS. COUSINS’ WEEKEND. NO RULES.

Thing That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

Ok, this is a little gross, but yesterday morning Mag freaked herself out by having little rapid fire farts while she was chilling on my bed before our big walk of the day. She was doing that dog snorting thing where they’re cleaning out their sinuses (because they can’t blow their noses!) and I guess that was too much for her body to handle and she started farting IN TIME with her lil wheezes. Which freaked her out and she jumped off the bed while I just sat there laughing and breathing through my mouth.

Thing I Made

Seamwork’s Skipper sweatshirt (pictured above). I’ve talked about it a lot… and I finally did it. And I LOVE it. It’s oversized, so it’s super comfy, and the fabric I bought for it was beyond perfect. I was a little nervous since I got it from an online store, but the weight of it is ideal, it has little flecks of color running through the gray and is so so cozy. Also, the oversized pocket seemed excessive when I cut it, but it is the best. It fits my phone AND keys so I can go out and walk Mag without taking an extra bag or jacket with me when it’s warm enough. WIN.

Way I Worked Out

I put a challenge for myself to do Barre3 every day of February. And I did not do it every day. In fact I only did it like 5 times. But each time I remembered why I love it so much. I love how Barre3 focuses on small movements and what feels best for you as an individual. Some days I can sink super low into my horse squats, some days I’m rocking it just an inch or so down. And both ways still feel like a good workout and feel good in general.

So, what did you love this past month? I’d love to know, leave me a little note in the comments!