February Mood + Music

Happy Aquarius month!!! It’s my birthday month, which is always fun but a wee bit frustrating since somehow February became the month of love? YAWN. February has a lot more going on in it than just Valentine’s Day. For example, it’s Black History Month (celebrate by supporting black women running for election!!!), there’s the post-Valentine’s Day chocolate sale, and, this year, The Olympics. So much going on!!! For me personally I’ve been seeking and finding inspiration for all different aspects of my life, which means…

February is The Month of Inspiration

February Mood Board // Adventure In Lipstick

Crystals, specifically Aragonite and Celestine (aka my babies 💖💖), are helping me connect to myself in a deeper way, especially when I use them while meditating. Records, like Kesha’s and Niall’s, are fueling me through a cleaning and organizing frenzy that’s overtaken the house. This fabric, the fabric of my dreams, look at it!! I’m planning on making this robe and sweatshirt from them ASAP, thanks in part to Seamwork’s Design Your Wardrobe series (free for members*). These wise words from Taraji P. Henson have been helping me figure out what fears and hangups are actually mine and which ones have been projected onto me. Deep stuff is happening y’all.

The Loft (finally!!!) created a plus size line and I’m so hyped for everything in the collection. I asked for this skirt* for my birthday and I am beyond excited for it. This Louis Tomlinson pin because Louis owns my ass and I’m not afraid to say it (WHEN IS THE ALBUM COMING OUT?????????). Also I want almost every single 1D pin this shop has so that’s a thing. Additionally, my dog is the MOST spoiled. Yes, that is my bed. Yes, I did sew that quilt that she is bundled up in. And yes, I love her the most.

A free book and a fun winter reading challenge from my local library has been helping me get back into the reading groove. I’m almost done with my Read-O sheet! And Leslie Jones being the most relatable and loving the Olympics. I’m so excited to see her back in action and can’t wait for her to be in Pyeongchang while my cousin and I laze around on the couch watching the most random sport we can find (current title holder: 2008’s whitewater kayaking discovery). Slay all day USA!!!

Are You Scared Of These Boogie Feet?

How much do I love Kesha? IDK you tell me. Of course I had to include her in my monthly playlist since I’ve been using her album as cleaning motivation. Work through one side then when I need to flip it I take a quick 10 minute break before diving in again. I heard this song in a Pepsi commercial and it was legit only five words very softly in the background and I instantly knew what song it was. So, yeah, I’m a fan.

I finally saw I, Tonya and the soundtrack was incredible. The whole movie was incredible, but the soundtrack? SO GOOD. When Goodbye Stranger came on I was grooving and trying desperately to remember who sang it to no avail. I looked up the soundtrack later and have been listening to it, especially Goodbye Stranger, since.

Another standout track for me is We The Common (For Valerie Bolden) by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down. I can’t help but yell along to the song whenever I listen to it and very dramatically whisper sing the softer parts. WHOOPS.

Listen to the full playlist below, and don’t forget about my 2018 playlist too! Not to brag, but I was a month ahead of Niall making On The Loose his next single. *Does a Penelope hair twirl a la Kristen Wiig*

What about you, what have you been loving lately? What are you listening to? I’d love to know!

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