January Favorites

January Favorites // Adventure In Lipstick

January, the month that felt like eight. But really, this month seemed to drag on. Maybe it was all the news? Maybe it was the weird weather that made it seem like Spring for three days before plunging us back into winter? Who knows. Either way there’s a lot that’s happened and I wanted to round up my favorites for y’all!

Favorite Book:

 The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. I already talked about this book here, but I am still thinking about it and it’s been weeks since I finished it. I would highly recommend picking up a copy for yourself to enjoy, read and learn from. Honestly, I had to take a break from books for a bit because it was that good.

Favorite Album:

Offerings by Typhoon. I’ve loved Typhoon for eight years now, since before they released their first studio album. My friends saw them open for STRFKR in Salem, OR where we went to college, then we made a trip up to a random Burgerville in Portland to see them live before convincing the rest of the Wulapalooza planning committee to book them for that year’s festival. Now they’ve played SXSW, been featured on All Songs Considered multiple times and have finally released a new album that is so incredible. Just listen to it, please. Thank you. Standout track: Empiricist.

Memory I Made:

My friend got married last weekend!!! That was lovely to see and be invited to celebrate the beginning of their married life together! As unromantic as I am in my own life I love it when my friends find love and make that commitment when it’s right for them. I always cry, because I am that person.

Thing That Made Me Laugh Out Loud:

I’ve been cleaning my room in a big way this past month and came across a Build-A-Bear I made in college. With a special voice note thing that plays when you press it. What did I record almost nine years ago? A quote from my favorite movie at the time, Thunderpants… “I can’t control my arse.” YEP. Now, can I donate this knowing it says that? Dear readers, help me. Whenever I press the button Mag goes wild and starts licking the bear. I think she’s worried that part of me is in there? I will continue to research.

Thing I Made:

So the day before said friend’s wedding I realized I didn’t like anything I had in my closet, AND I had been meaning to make a dress out of this fabric I had just got. I already had the pattern cut out from making a dress from it previously, so it was easy-peasy to whip up! I made the Piedra dress from Seamwork* (which I talked about here) and honestly it’s one of the easiest things I’ve ever made. Five seams. FIVE. Okay, not including hemming or the neckline, but whatever. F I V E   S E A M S !!!!!! Can you tell I’m excited about it? I got tons of compliments about it and everyone was shocked when I told them I made it! Next up: the Almada, the Skipper and the Shelly. WHEW!

Important Read:

What Eight People Want You To Know About Immigration in America. I love The Man Repeller so much, and their interviews, essays and posts in general are on point. I especially love how they’ve been using their massive platform to highlight different issues America is facing, and showing the human side that we might not get to see on the news. One especially poignant article? Eight people write about their experiences with immigration in America. They tell their stories of how they and their families got here, and each one is moving. I highly recommend reading it now, especially Neva Alsheik’s story at the end.

Way I Worked Out:

Remember how I said I wanted to be able to go on hikes with Mag and not get tired? I’ve been hitting the gym specifically with that in mind. Which basically means I hop on the treadmill for about 40 minutes to an hour, keep it slow and steady but increase the incline every five minutes or so until I do five minutes at the highest incline possible. WHEW. I know it’s not a whole lot, but I’ve been working on building my endurance and knowing that it gets just the littlest bit easier every time I hop on feels so so good. I’ve been working on maintaining a 2.5-3 speed, and I’m hoping to keep increasing that slowly but surely.