Lessons I Learned From Kesha

Lessons Learned From Kesha // Adventure In Lipstick

I would say sorry about the photo quality but I’m still too happy that I got to see her live to care.

I love Kesha. I have since 2009 and I first heard “Tik Tok” at a college party and drunkenly thought “SHE GETS IT!!!!” I’ve loved her since “We R Who We R” was released and my friends and I all sang along to it while eating Juanita’s tortilla chips for the first time. I loved her while laughing along to “Gold Trans Am” and learning a dance to “C’Mon” for my sorority. During her five year absence I spent the time defending her to music snobs, wishing for more music and preaching the word of Kesha whenever I could. My friends and I would complain about a lack of new music and were horrified and angry when we found out the reason why she hadn’t released new music in so long.

I’m not going to go too much into the Dr. Luke situation, but I will say I think it’s a travesty that he still has an imprint on Sony. He shouldn’t have a career anymore. End of.

In October I was lucky enough to not only get to visit with said friend for a lovely weekend, but also see Kesha for the second time with her as well! We cried far too much, felt the love, joy and resilience in the room. We danced to Boogie Feet and barely held it together for Praying. Through it all Kesha continually spoke out about her love of us, her fans, her desire for us to all feel safe and welcome at her concert and to essentially fuck the haters.

It’s because of those qualities that I’m such a fan of Kesha.

Even back in her Tik Tok days I saw that fire within her. The fuck-the-haters quality that drew me to her just as much as the amount of glitter I could justify having in my life because of her. Her dedication to those around her, especially to the vulnerable communities around her, warms my heart. Her love and kindness shine out of her so blindingly brightly. Her strength astounds me and moves me to tears when I think about it.

I could do a track by track analysis of Rainbow, but I’ll spare you that. Unless you really want to hear it, then get in touch and we can cry together. I’ve been going through some stuff for the past few years and so many tracks hit me squarely in the chest as if saying “Hey! Hey you!! Listen up and learn from your fave.” I still tear up and get chills when I hear “Praying”, and “Learn To Let Go” has become a bit of a theme song for when I find myself spiraling into playing back mistakes I’ve made over my life.

Rainbow is the album Kesha’s fans knew she could make; the one she wanted to make. It’s fun, it’s deep and moving, it’s personal and showcases her abilities as a singer and a songwriter. The “fuck the haters” attitude is still there, but it’s transformed into more of a rallying cry than a party cry.

With Kesha you’re free to let all your flags fly, and you’re loved and celebrated for doing so.

Turn on “Hymn” turn up the volume to 11, and wait for your spaceship to come along. Put “Bastards” on remind yourself you kick ass. Put all of Rainbow on and immerse yourself in the glory that is Kesha.

Do you have a favorite song from the album? I’d love to know!