March Mood + Music

March Mood // Adventure In Lipstick

Spring is (almost) here and it feels so good! I can put up with these 20 degree days because there’s the promise of 50 degree days coming up. Thank. Zeus. Or Demeter? #GreekMythologyJokes

Anyway. I’m switching things up a little bit, if you couldn’t tell. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep doing these mood boards for each month; I like making them but I also forget to do it until like the day before I want to post. Which leads to me taking too much time on them, and now we’re 13 days in to March and I’m finally getting this up. So I might cut it back to a seasonal mood board and monthly goals. We’ll see.

Ok, but how cute is that dress from Seamwork? I swear I’m not sponsored by them, I just really love their magazine and patterns. It seems like each month they come out with exactly the item I was looking to add to my wardrobe, which is helping me keep to my 50% me-made wardrobe this year. I’m planning on making the dress (with the faux-wrap modification!) in that beautiful floral silk that’s pictured above. It’s going to be adorable.

I also want to take more pictures on my Polaroid because those pictures are so much fun to look at and keep, and I think it would make me get out of my routine a little bit. Everyone could use a little spring shake up, and if I have to suffer through DST (which is the worst. And I say this as someone who didn’t have it in her life until age 16) then I might as well make use of that extra hour by getting outside to take pictures and walk Mag!

“A little more kindness, a little less judgement” is just a good motto to go by, isn’t it? And in that vein… I’ve finally figured it out//started saying it out loud more. But I’m bi and it feels good to have finally realized it and felt comfortable enough to start telling people. And now I’m writing about it here, so that’s that on that.

An unintentional Woman’s Month playlist

I promise you I didn’t go into this month with the idea that I should only have women artists on my playlist. But that’s what happened. I already tend to go more for female vocalists because I am forever enchanted by women’s voices (I should have realized I was bi like WAY earlier), and when I finally sat down to write this I realized that all the songs I picked were by women. So here we are.

I picked a random oldies playlist on Spotify a few weeks ago, and “You’re So Vain” came on. Of course I couldn’t resist singing along at the top of my lungs, and I immediately added it to my March playlist right behind “GIRLS GIRLS” by Icona Pop, which is a BOP.

Everyone needs to listen to “Don’t Kill My Vibe” by Sigrid immediately. It is so good, and yes, I have listened to it at full volume in my car with my windows rolled down. And yes, it was only 36 degrees. It was cold but worth it. “Wrong For You” by Molly Burch is also worth a specific listen, for different reasons. Basically it’s beautiful and a little heart ache-y. Ok every song on this playlist deserves a listen, so just do it. It’s below so there’s really no excuse. And don’t forget about my 2018 playlist! I add every month to it, so if you want to hear the first quarter of my year all together I’d hit it up!

What are you listening to this month? Any artists I should know? Let me know in the comments!

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