Weekly Roundup 1

Link Roundup 1 // Adventure In Lipstick

Whew buddy, who else is not a fan of this cold? My dog, diva that she is, is luckily doing pretty well with the snow and actually loves getting to run around in it. Me? Not so much. But the things we do for love, right? Right.

Aside from the gross weather there’s been a lot going on! From the new year starting, to figuring my shit out (more on that later!) to making more concrete strides to be healthy and happy this year I’ve been busy reading various articles that are all in that vein. I’m going to be rounding up my favorites weekly, and I’d love to know what you’ve been reading, watching and listening to every week as well!

Madewell Sale!! All sale items are 40% off until Monday (!!!) and I am here for it. I tend to keep my wishlist chock full of items and periodically go through to weed out things that are no longer available.. so I have about 15 items that are finally on sale and I’m having trouble not pulling the trigger on it.. whoops. See some of my picks below! Note: some of the prices are the regular price, but if you click through they should show the sale price.

The Lively Show Podcast. I’ve long been into the woo-woo (as Jess call
s it). From my early love of astrology (thanks M Magazine!) to my more recent love of crystals and tarot, I’ve always had a touch of mystic in my life. Jess’s thoughts and experiences with The Law of Attraction are super interesting and something I’m going to start trying more and more in my life this year. Start with: Quantum Living Quick Guide #1.

How To Do A Cat Eye. I’m especially a fan of step 0. If only all makeup tutorials were this easy to follow.

Reading Jane Eyre While Black. As a white gal I’ve never had to search for media that represents me, nor have I ever had media that explicitly told me I was beneath others purely for my skin color. This essay was a great reminder to me to seek out books, shows, movies and music from diverse creators and to make my own work as inclusive as possible.

The #LadyBoss Guide To Creating A Vision Board. Going along with the Law Of Attraction stuff from above, one of the best things I can think of (for my own uses and way of visualizing) to help me along with that. If nothing else comes from it at least it’ll be an excuse to flex my craft skills.

This Is Me by Kesha. I love Kesha, so so much. In fact I’m writing a post about it so keep your eyes out for that. All of Rainbow makes me cry, I still get chills when I hear Praying and this song? Daaaaaaamn this song hit me hard. Listen, cry, find love within yourself.

20 Fiction Books By Female Authors To Read This Year and 17 Non-Fiction Books By Female Authors To Read This Year. One of my goals every year is to read three books a month; some years I’m better at it than others. This year I’m going to concentrate specifically on reading more fiction from female authors. This list is a great jumping off point and there are so. many. books. that look interesting!

  1. What are you reading, watching and listening to this week? Let me know in the comments!