Weekly Roundup 3

Weekly Roundup 3 // Adventure In Lipstick

Well hello! Who else has been slammed by the winter weather we’ve been getting? I shoveled the driveway THREE times in two days; it was… not fun. But it also gave me an excuse for not getting out of the house to go to the gym.. whoops! I also just bought this beautiful sweatshirt fleece to make a sweatshirt from Seamwork (see below) and I’m so hyped to receive it and get to sewing!

Unfortunately both the lipstick and tumbler are sold out and I’m frankly too lazy to find dupes for the lipstick color. BUT ban.do does have a bunch of cute alternatives and I’ve created a handy lil widget so you can shop them below!*

Anyway, onto the list of my loves for the week!

Three women find their perfect reds.

Me, loving lipstick? Whatever gave you that idea?! I firmly believe everyone should know their perfect red, and I try to spread the love as much as I can.

Seamwork magazine/membership.* I. LOVE. SEAMWORK. I’ve been subscribed since June, and recently just upgraded to the yearly membership. Depending on your membership level you get a magazine with incredible sewing tips and one to two FREE credits for their catalog of patterns. And these patterns are all so GOOD! January’s are a sweatshirt and a pair of leggings, so it’s all about cute basics to build your wardrobe. It’s my goal to make 50% of my clothes this year and Seamwork will be a huge help!

Crystals. Last year my sister visited me in Austin and we went to a local crystal shop, and while browsing I felt a pull to one stone in particular: blue lace agate (aka the stone to heal all my problems). Since then I’ve been slowly but surely building my collection (I now have 13 various stones/crystals). I recently came across the book Crystals: The Modern Guide To Crystal Healing by Yulia van Doren and love it. Yes, it’s woo-woo (but we all know I’m into that), yes I am aware using crystals to help my life seems absurd. Do I care? Not one iota.

Full Frontal’s responses to tweets from politicians who hate BLM but celebrating MLK Jr. Day. I love Samantha Bee, and I especially love her responses to Republicans tweeting about Martin Luther King Jr. day. The hypocrisy is astounding, and I’m sure they all are aware of it but hoping they’ll never be called out. The rest of the tweets are great (especially her dig at Sessions) so I recommend checking them out.

The 52 Lists Project. I picked up a copy of this journal last year and kind of filled it out and kind of didn’t. I’m restarting again to kick-start my journaling, since I often don’t really know what to write about when I journal. I love the idea of sitting with a list per week and focusing in on what the topic is, so that’s what I’m going to try!

*The ban.do stuff is linked using referral links and I might make some money if you click on them/buy from them. The Seamwork link is my referral link! If you use it to sign up I get a month of Seamwork for free, which would be incredible because I love it so much.

What have you been loving this week? Let me know in the comments!