Weekly Roundup 4

Weekly Roundup 4 // Adventure In Lipstick

First roundup of February, wahoo! My new sweatshirt (which I’ll show you soon!!) and a future robe in fabric form, waiting to be cut and stitched up. 😍

Anyway, here are a few things that have caught my eye this week:

Madewell’s AND The Loft’s larger sizes. Y’ALL. Two of my fave clothing brands now have more inclusive sizes!!! As I mentioned earlier I’ve been lusting after a certain skirt from The Loft (which I got for my birthday, thanks mom!) and now that The Loft is having a 40% off sale this weekend (along with an additional 20% off sale items) I’m having trouble not caving on my no spend February. And Madewell is having a 20% off sale items sale too! Unfortunately (or fortunately for my bank account) not a ton of the larger sizes have made their way to the sale section, so I’ve rounded up my picks for both the sale AND the new sizes below!*

What Intersectionality Looks Like In The Real World. This focuses specifically on the pay gap, but I think it’s an important read. There are so many aspects that make up who we are, and all of those aspects can have different forms of oppression acting on them. Intersectionality is the way forward for the feminist movement, and I’m glad that more and more people are recognizing this.

The Fashion Industry Is Hurting. This is such an important read, and a great reminder to myself that I need to step up and speak out when I can. I have immense privilege in this world and I need to use to it amplify voices, have uncomfortable conversations and educate others.

We Used To Sleep In Two Shifts… This is so fascinating. We used to sleep for two chunks of time per night and wake up for one to two hours in-between. Who else wishes this were the norm now? I think I’d lose out on a lot of life if I tried to sleep this way regularly though… Although a gal can dream.

500 Days Of Summer. I’m rewatching this for the first time since my freshman year of college and it’s so weird and interesting to see how my perception of the movie has changed. For so long I was told Tom’s narrative is romantic and aspirational in a partner. But even Joseph Gordon-Levitt is like “lmao no he’s projecting onto Summer and that’s not okay.” And now that I’ve had more experience with dating and being with a partner I can really really see that. 10/10 would recommend watching this movie again through this lens.

Let’s Go Offline: 30 Day Challenge. I’ve been trying to cut down on how much time I spend online and watching TV a day, and this challenge has a bunch of fun (and productive) ideas to help fill your time and switch up your routines. I’m definitely going to be taking a few of these to help implement these changes for myself!

What’s caught your eye this week? Anything in particular you’re loving? Let me know in the comments!

*These contain affiliate links and if you click through and purchase from this widget I make some money. But also, let’s just all drool over the pretty things together.